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95% of products fail, because they don't ask for help, lets make you the 5%.

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Welcome to Lifestyle Brands, the premier destination for those looking to create their own lifestyle brand. We specialize in transforming the ideas of entrepreneurs into a reality, something that 98% of other services say they can do, but never achieve themselves. Our team of experts has extensive experience in bringing ideas to life through creative branding solutions. With our help, you can create the perfect lifestyle brand that reflects your unique vision. We look forward to helping you make your dreams come true! Let’s get started!

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In a sea of companies claiming to be the best at branding and marketing, it’s rare to find one that actually delivers on their promises. That’s where we come in – we’re not your average new kid on the block. Unlike them, we’ve got a track record of proven success. Our Co-founder, Michael Jannicelli, is a true trailblazer who’s built and sold two international Lifestyle brands before hitting the ripe old age of 26. He’s developed an ingenious “MBS system” that takes a product or idea and turns it into a winning brand. So if you’re looking for the best chance at success, look no further – we’ve got the skills, experience, and creativity to make your brand stand out.

Where do you see your brand  & self today? where do you want to go today?

Are you looking to create or re-brand your lifestyle brand company? With BE, LIVE & FEEL SUSSEX, you have access to the only full-service solution on the market that gives you time and money savings. Our proprietary MBS approach has a proven success rate so you can trust in our ability to help take your product or brand from idea to reality. We get results, with each project ensuring an end result that goes beyond what we said it would be. Count on us to exceed your expectations and deliver outcomes that surpass what we promise.

When it comes down to it, having a successful lifestyle brand is all about taking risks, pushing limits, and exploring possibilities that others wouldn’t dare venture into. We’re here for entrepreneurs who want those same experiences but without the frustration of experiencing any common failure due to lack of financial planning from the beginning – which we help provide as part of our package! Start your journey with us today – book a free consultation with Lifestyle Brands for more information about how we can help make your dream come true!

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We are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with exceptional branding solutions that turn their visions into concrete realities. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke lifestyle brands that authentically capture our clients’ unique identities, enabling them to reach new heights and fulfill their aspirations.


BE, LIVE & FEEL SUSSEX is dedicated to sparking innovation, nurturing creativity, and fostering collaboration. We strongly believe in the limitless potential within every individual to achieve their goals and aspirations. Our mission is to equip them with the essential tools they need for success. Count on us as your trusted partner to bring your dreams to life through exceptional branding solutions that authentically showcase your unique identity. Let us be the bridge that transforms your aspirations into reality.



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For the next generation of big businesses

Let us assist you in transforming your dream and idea into a reality, or help you determine if it may not be the best path forward. Unlike other companies, we possess invaluable real-life experience that has enabled us to learn from and overcome every possible outcome. With this knowledge, we can guide you away from the mistakes we have previously encountered. Join us at Lifestyle Brands where we strive to support the next generation of big businesses.

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Michael Jannicelli

Michael Jannicelli


Registered Media

Registered Media


At Lifestyle Brands, we offer the best in branding and rebranding services. We have a proven track record of success on an international scale and know what it takes to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Our experienced team is dedicated to meeting your needs and surpassing expectations, so you can be sure that you’re getting top-notch service. Let us help you make an impact with your brand; with our expertise, you’ll enjoy success on the global stage.

About us

Our Awesome Executive Team

The team at Registered Media & Lifestyle Brands consists of Michael Jannicelli, his partner Chris Smith, and the best professionals in their respective fields. We have a distinct advantage: access to the most talented individuals available. Therefore, for each project we select the right team from our pool of experts who can deliver outstanding results.

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